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Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 Exam Practice Questions

To facilitate encrypted bulk data transfer using the TLS protocol, the shared secret key that is sent from the client to the
server is encrypted with which key?
A. client public key
B. client private key
C. server\\’s public key
D. server\\’s private key
Correct Answer: C


How many host IPv4 addresses are possible in a /25 network?
A. 126
B. 128
C. 254
D. 192
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are open source packet-capture software? (Select all that apply.)
A. WireMark
B. Wireshark
C. tcpdump
D. udpdump
Correct Answer: BC


On a Linux system, where are application logs usually stored?
A. Event Viewer
B. /var/log folder
C. /proc/log folder
D. Log Viewer
Correct Answer: B


Which two statements are true about application logs? (Choose two.)
A. The application log file contains events that are logged by the network applications.
B. Events that are written to the application log are determined by the operating system.
C. Application logs can be used along with the network usage logs to verify that network resources are being used
D. An application uses the same location for storing log messages regardless of the operating system on which it is
Correct Answer: AC


A firewall requires deep packet inspection to evaluate which layer?
A. application
B. internet
C. link
D. transport
Correct Answer: A


How can an organization protect against a privilege escalation attack?
A. Use a common password for multiple accounts so the users do not need to write it down on a sticky note at their
B. Exercise a strong password policy that includes the requirement of unique passwords for multiple accounts.
C. Assign new passwords to employees every 30 days.
D. Use open authentication on wireless and guest networks.
Correct Answer: B


What are three benefits of deploying Security Onion for network security monitoring? (Choose three.)
A. Security Onion provides an entire suite of open-source tools in a single distribution.
B. Security Onion automates security monitoring eliminating the need for security analyst intervention.
C. Security Onion provides visibility and context into network events, traffic, and alerts.
D. Security Onion can be installed on your mobile devices such as tablets to provide a portable security analysis tool.
E. Security Onion provides tools for packet capture, threat detection, and packet analysis.
Correct Answer: ACE


If a user wants to mount a drive, which command will work?
A. mount drive span>type>span>device name>span>mount point>
B. mount it span>type>span>device name>span>mount point>
C. mount -t span>type>span>device name>span>mount point>
D. mount -t span>type>span>mount point>span>device name>
Correct Answer: C


In Linux, what is the relationship between a fork system call and an exec system call?
A. A fork system call specifies an executable file and an exec system call executes the file.
B. A child process uses the fork system call to request its parent PID, and an exec system call to request its own PID.
C. A parent process duplicates itself with a fork system call, and the child process replaces itself with an exec system
D. A fork system call creates a new kernel instance, and an exec system call executes a command within the current
kernel instance.
Correct Answer: C


What is an application blacklist?
A. A list of different entities that have been determined to be malicious
B. A list of different entities that have been determined to be false positives
C. A list of different malicious websites and hosts
D. A list of different domains that are known to host malware
Correct Answer: A


What type of attack occurs when an attacker sends a flood of protocol request packets to various IP hosts and the
attacker spoofs the source IP address of the packets, such that each packet has the IP address of the intended target
rather than the IP address of the attacker as its source address?
A. reflection attack
B. amplification attack
C. MITM attack
D. Trojan virus ARP
Correct Answer: A


What are two limitations to deploying a local SPAN to monitor traffic? (Choose two.)
A. Local SPAN functionality varies depending on the platform and software revision that are used.
B. Local SPAN can be configured, but dropped packets may occur when applying it to the destination interface.
C. Since local SPAN is run in software, it provides a cost-effective solution, compared to network taps.
D. The monitoring interface can become a bottleneck during periods of high use.
E. Minimal filtering is possible by specifying the interface directionally or VLAN.
Correct Answer: AD

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