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Free15Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR)350-801View
Question 1:

Which DiffServ marking is the most likely to drop packets?

A. AF32

B. AF12

C. AF11

D. AF13

Question 2:

Which DHCP option must be set up for new phones to obtain the TFTP server IP address?

A. option 15

B. option 6

C. option 66

D. option 120


Question 3:

An administrator troubleshoots call flows and suspects that there are issues with the dial plan. Which tool enables quick analysis of the dial plan and provides call flows of dialed digits?

A. Dial Plan Analyzer

B. Dialed Number Analyzer

C. Cisco Dial Plan Analyzer

D. Digit Analysis Analyzer


Question 4:

How are network devices monitored in a collaboration network?

A. The Cisco Discovery Protocol table is shared among devices.

B. Ping Sweep reports “unmanaged\’ state devices.

C. System logs are collected in a Cisco Prime Collaboration Server.

D. Simple Network Managed Protocol is enabled on each device to poll specific values periodically.

Question 5:

An engineer configures Cisco Unified Communications Manager to prevent toll fraud. At which two points does the engineer block the pattern in Cisco Unified CM to complete this task? (Choose two.)

A. route pattern

B. route group

C. translation pattern

D. partition


Question 6:

Which four requirements are mandatory to enable a mixed-mode Cisco Unified CM cluster? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco CTL Provider Service activated and enabled

B. Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function activated and enabled

C. Cisco Trust Verification activated and enabled

D. Cisco CTL client

E. a minimum of one USB e-token

F. a minimum of two USB e-token

G. a minimum of one soft e-token

Question 7:
350-801 dumps questions 7

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configured NTP on Cisco UCM and runs the utils ntp status command from Cisco UCM CLI and receives an error message. How is this issue mitigated and fixed?

A. Use an external NTP server and allow communication on port 53.

B. Ensure that Cisco UCM can communicate with the NTP server on port 53 and have a Windows NTP server configured with NTPv3.

C. configure the NTP server to answer requests on port 443.

D. Ensure that Cisco UCM can communicate with the NTP server on port 123 and have a Linux NTP server configured with NTPv4.

Question 8:

Configuration of DNS is required to achieve a fully functional Cisco UCM system Cisco UCM uses DNS to resolve fully qualified domain names to IP addresses for which destinations?

A. Application server name

B. Primary TFTP Server for option 150

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Name

D. Sip trunk

Question 9:

An engineer must configure a cisco ISR 4000 as an MGCP gateway to download its MGCP-specific configuration from cisco UCM. Which Cisco IOS configuration snippet accomplishes this task?

350-801 dumps questions 9

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Question 10:

Which packet delay is the maximum supported between Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes for clustering over WAN deployments?

A. 150 ms round tip

B. 510 ms round trip

C. 40 ms round trip

D. 80 ms round trip


Question 11:

Which protocol does prime collaboration Assurance use to poll the health status of different systems in the collaboration environment?





Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit. In this cisco UCM setup configured for EARLY offer, what is the codec preference line in the initial SIP INVITE SDP?

350-801 dumps questions 12

A. m=audio 16444 RTP/AVP 9 18 101

B. m=audio 16444 RTP/AVP 0 8 18 101

C. m=audio 16444 RTP/AVP 18 101

D. m=audio 16444 RTP/AVP 9 0 8 18 101

Question 13:

Which recommendation is the best practice for marking video and voice media in a Cisco Unified Communications network?

A. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 6, PHB AF41, or DSCP 16) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 32)

B. Voice Cos 6 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 24) Video Cos 5 (IP Precedence 4, PHB EF, or DSCP 34)

C. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 2, PHB EF, or DSCP 48) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 46)

D. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 46) Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 34)


Question 14:

Which Cisco Collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote endpoints to leverage corporate on- premises Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure?

A. Cisco Webex

B. Cisco VPN Client

C. Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access

D. Cisco Umbrella

Question 15:

In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager design where +E.164 destinations are populated in directory entries, which call routing practice is critical to prevent unnecessary toll charges caused by internal calls routed through the PSTN?

A. forced on-net routing

B. automated alternate routing

C. forced authorization codes

D. client matter codes

E. tail-end hop-off

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