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Free test Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam Questions and Answers

Which functionality does an SVI provide?
A. OSI Layer 2 connectivity to switches
B. remote switch administration
C. traffic routing for VLANs
D. OSI Layer 3 connectivity to switches
Correct Answer: C


How does using the service password-encryption command on a router provide additional security?
A. by encrypting all passwords passing through the router
B. by encrypting passwords in the plain text configuration file
C. by requiring the entry of encrypted passwords for access to the device
D. by configuring an MD5 encrypted key to be used by routing protocols to validate routing exchanges
E. by automatically suggesting encrypted passwords for use in configuring the router
Correct Answer: B
By using this command, all the (current and future) passwords are encrypted. This command is primarily useful for
keeping unauthorized individuals from viewing your password in your configuration file


Which three options are the HSRP states for a router? (Choose three.)
A. initialize
B. learn
C. secondary
D. listen
E. speak
F. primary
Correct Answer: BDE
HSRP Stateslead4pass 200-125 exam question q3


Which HSRP feature was new in HSRPv2?
A. VLAN group numbers that are greater than 255
B. virtual MAC addresses
C. tracking
D. preemption
Correct Answer: A


What is known as “one-to-nearest” addressing in IPv6?
A. global unicast
B. anycast
C. multicast
D. unspecified address
Correct Answer: B
IPv6 Anycast addresses are used for one-to-nearest communication, meaning an Anycast address is used by a device
to send data to one specific recipient (interface) that is the closest out of a group of recipients (interfaces).

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