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How many mobility peers can a Cisco Catalyst 3850-MC node have?
A. 8
B. 2
C. 6
D. 16
E. 4
Correct Answer: A


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Which configuration changes need to be made to allow WPA2 + PSK to operate property on the East-WLC-2504A
controller? (Choose four.)
A. Disable Dynamic AP Management.
B. Click on the Status Enabled radio button.
C. Change the Layer 3 Security to Web Policy.
D. Change the WPA + WPA2 Parameters to WPA2 Policy-AES.
E. Change the PSK Format to HEX.
F. Change the WLAN ID.
G. Change the VLAN Identifier.
H. Change the IP Address of the Virtual interface.
I. Change the SSID name of the WLAN.
J. Click on the PSK radio button and add the password in the text box.
Correct Answer: BFIJ

An engineer is considering an MDM integration with Cisco ISE to assist with security for lost devices. Which two
functions of MDM increase security for lost devices that access data from the network? (Choose two.)
A. PIN enforcement
B. Jailbreak/root detection
C. data wipe
D. data encryption
E. data loss prevention
Correct Answer: AC

An engineer is configuring client MFP. What WLAN Layer 2 security must be selected to use client MFP?
A. Static WEP
D. 802 1x
Correct Answer: C

Clients are failing EAP authentication. A debug shows that an EAPOL start is sent and the clients are then de-
authenticated. Which two issues can cause this problem? (Choose two.)
A. The WLC certificate has changed.
B. The WLAN is not configured for the correct EAP supplicant type.
C. The shared secret of the WLC and RADIUS server do not match.
D. The WLC has not been added to the RADIUS server as a client.
E. The clients are configured for machine authentication, but the RADIUS server is configured for user authentication.
Correct Answer: CD

Which mobility mode must a Cisco 5508 wireless Controller be in to use the MA functionality on a cisco catalyst 3850
series switch with a cisco 550 Wireless Controller as an MC?
A. classic mobility
B. new mobility
C. converged access mobility
D. auto-anchor mobility
Correct Answer: C

Which attribute on the Cisco WLC v7.0 does RADIUS IETF attribute “Tunnel-Private-Group ID” assign?
C. QoS
Correct Answer: D

An engineer is configuring a new mobility anchor for a WLAN on the CLI with the config wlan mobility anchor add 3 command, but the command is failing. Which two conditions must be met to be able to enter this
command? (Choose two.)
A. The anchor controller IP address must be within the management interface subnet.
B. The anchor controller must be in the same mobility group.
C. The WLAN must be enabled.
D. The mobility group keepalive must be configured.
E. The indicated WLAN ID must be present on the controller.
Correct Answer: AB

An engineer has determined that the source of an authentication issue is the client laptop. Which three items must be
verified for EAP-TLS authentication? (Choose three.)
A. The client certificate is formatted as X 509 version 3
B. The validate server certificate option is disabled.
C. The client certificate has a valid expiration date.
D. The user account is the same in the certificate.
E. The supplicant is configured correctly.
F. The subject key identifier is configured correctly.
Correct Answer: ADF

Client Management Frame Protection is supported on which Cisco Compatible Extensions version clients?
A. v2 and later
B. v3 and later
C. v4 and later
D. v5 only
Correct Answer: D

An engineer has configured passive fallback mode for RADIUS with default timer settings. What will occur when the
primary RADIUS fails then recovers?
A. RADIUS requests will be sent to the secondary RADIUS server until the secondary fails to respond.
B. The controller will immediately revert back after it receives a RADIUS probe from the primary server.
C. After the inactive time expires the controller will send RADIUS to the primary.
D. Once RADIUS probe messages determine the primary controller is active the controller will revert back to the primary
Correct Answer: C

Which CLI command do you use on Cisco IOS XE Software to put the AP named Floor1_AP1 back in the default AP
A. ap Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default-group
B. ap name Floor1_AP1 apgroup default-group
C. ap name Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default-group
D. ap name Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default
Correct Answer: C

An engineer is securing the wireless network from vulnerabilities. Which four strategies are recommended for
mitigation? (Choose four.)
B. identity-based networking
C. rogue location
E. guest monitoring
F. RF profiles
G. rogue detection
H. password policies
Correct Answer: ACEG

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