Cisco Global Gold Certification For Managed Services Provider Logicalis

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Logicalis Group, a management services provider, has earned Cisco Global Gold certification and is one of only a handful of accredited international organizations. The company’s Australian division, Thomas Duryea Logicalis (TDL), is one of three local accreditation agencies.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis has earned the Cisco Global Gold certification, which was awarded the company the Logicalis Group, a global parent of Australian hosting services providers.

Logicalis Group is recognized by Cisco for continuing support and delivery of Cisco technologies and services worldwide.
In order to receive Global Gold certification, Logicalis said it has demonstrated its ability to support Cisco technologies and services as well as its worldwide delivery of expertise. It also recognizes its unique approach to global solutions, services and support.

TDL CEO Michael Chanter said it has strengthened Logicalis’ global certification in the Cisco product portfolio.

Cisco Systems is a provider of data networking equipment and software. Its products include routers, switches, access devices, security and network management software that allow for data communication among disparate computer networks.

Cisco Systems, Inc. has 72,900 employees in San Jose, California. The company’s chief executive is Charles Robbins.

“Locally, TDL joins the ranks of only two other integrators to achieve this level of Cisco expertise — a clear reflection of our joint investment with Cisco, as well as the unique strategic and delivery capability we offer the Asia Pacific market,” Chanter said.
Mark Rogers, chief executive of Logicalis Group, said top certifications recognize his investment in team skills, solid business processes and globally integrated operations.

Based on a survey of more than 3,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers, Cisco announced the results of a new consumer-centric study that the internet giant is looking to help provide solutions based on IoT products and services Businesses gain confidence in the market and adopt them.

The certification also extends Logicalis’ global digital support services for mixed IT, digital workplaces, digital ready-made infrastructure and consulting, and hosting services.

In addition, the Common Services Platform ensures consistent service management practices for the delivery of shared services based on standard core ITIL processes.

The certification win comes roughly six months after the company revealed it had completed a round of internal restructuring, IT solution providers streamlined its operations and established a digital transformation and service delivery unit.

Earlier this year, the company also disclosed that it is building a new business culture that seeks to recruit new talent following the restructuring resulting from the merger of Logicalis and Thomas Duryea in 2015.

Along with a new name, Thomas Duryea Logicalis, the merged entity took a new listing strategy, planned a new approach and hired additional salespeople to grow quickly.