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Vendor: Magento
Certifications: Magento Front End Developers
Exam Name: Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam
Exam Code: M70-301
Total Questions: 107 Q&As
M70-301 dumps
Within a Magento instance configured to use the package name “my_package” and the theme name “my_theme”, which file would override the default catalog search template?
A. app/frontend/base/my_package/my_theme/template/catalogsearch/form.mini.phtml
B. app/design/frontend/base/default/template/customsearch/form.mini.phtml
C. app/design/frontend/my_theme/my_package/template/catalogsearch/custom.form.mini.phtml
D. app/design/frontend/my_package/my_theme/template/catalogsearch/form.mini.phtml
E. app/frontend/default/my_theme/customsearch/form.mini.phtml
Correct Answer: D

You have added some HTML to a custom template located at “template/mytemplates/custom.phtml”.
Which code snippet is the correct way to create a block for custom.phtml in the layout XML?
A. <block type=”core/template” name=”custom” template=”mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>
B. <block type=”core/template” name=”custom”template=”template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
C. <block type=”custom1′ name=”custom”template=”template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
D. <block type=”custom” name=”custom” template=”mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>
Correct Answer: A

You need to add a custom structural block template to a block that will render all children automatically.
Which three attributes are required in the block’s XML definition? (Choose THREE.)
A. after
B. as
C. before
D. name
E. template
F. type
Correct Answer: BDF

You want to add additional XML (“Additional XML Declaration”) to an existing layout block. M70-301 dumps Which is the proper tag for adding it?
A. <reference type=”block”>Additional XML Declaration</ reference>
B. <action method= “addNewBlock”><block name>Additional XML Declaration <I block name></ action>
C. <reference name=”block.name”>Additional XML Declaration</reference>
D. <method action= “setBlockContent”><xml>Additional XML Declaration</xml></method>
Correct Answer: C

What is the proper layout update handle for adding a CSS file to the product page?
A. <product>
B. <catalog_product>
C. <catalog_product_view>
D. <default>
Correct Answer: C

The name of a design package in the Design tab of the System->Configuration window in Admin is also used as ________ and ________ . (Choose TWO.)
A. a folder name in app/design/frontend
B. a configuration value taken from index.php
C. a folder name in skin/frontend
D. a setting in the menu System -> Design
E. a folder name in app/design/frontend/base
Correct Answer: AC

You have a “custom/default” design package. You need to edit this file:
Which method is a bad practice because the file will be overwritten during Magento upgrades?
A. Edit the “base/default” file directly.
B. Create a new module in “base/default” called “custom” and copy the file there for editing.
C. Create a new package called “custom/custom” and copy the file there for editing.
D. Copy the file to “custom/default” for editing.
Correct Answer: A

Given a configured package “tmypackage” and a configured theme “mytheme”, which THREE of the following templates would be part of the design fallback? M70-301 dumps (Choose THREE.)
A. mypackage/default/template/my/template.phtml
B. base/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
C. default/default/template/my/template.phtml
D. base/default/template/my/template.phtml
E. default/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
F. mypackage/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
Correct Answer: ADF

Which four of the following page elements can be updated from the Magento Admin in System-> Configuration-> Design? (Choose FOUR.)
A. Breadcrumb Separator
B. Copyright
C. Favicon
D. Logo
E. Navigation
F. Page Title
G. Top Links
Correct Answer: BCDF

What result will be produced by the following layout handle?
M70-301 dumps
A. On a non-anchored category page the layered navigation will be moved into the main content block.
B. On an anchored category page the layered navigation will be moved into the main content block.
C. On an anchored category page the layered navigation will be removed from the page.
D. This XML will produce a syntax error.
Correct Answer: B

Based on the code below, M70-301 dumps what color will a browser display in rendering the text inside the div tag?
M70-301 dumps
A. green
B. blue
C. red
D. black
Correct Answer: A

Where are the core module translations located?
A. app/code/locale/
B. app/locale/
C. app/design/frontend/default/default/locale/
D. app/etc/modules/locale/
Correct Answer: B

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